Odessa The Sea Witch

{ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 }
I'm glad to report that the new video game voice acting job I'm working on has been a magical experience ~ sorry, the project is hush-hush top secret! I promise I'll tell ya'll about it as soon as I'm allowed. After recording over the past few days, my voice is a bit worse for wear, but we've gotten a lot of work done. I can't wait to get back into the recording studio!

Also, the photoshoot with Lillyxa
ndra (JoEllen Elam) went splendidly ~ her creativity & artistry are limitless! Photographer Greg De Stefano was a dream to collaborate with again & his work never fails to impress! I hope you enjoy this little teaser pic of Odessa the Sea Witch!

Current Obsession ~ Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oils
Current Music ~ "Machine Gun" by Portishead


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