This Week In YouTube #99

{ Friday, May 28, 2010 }
I'm the co-host of This Week In YouTube alongside Lon Harris. Its a weekly web series that chronicles the best (and worst) of YouTube, complete with snarky commentary and wacky antics. Past episodes are viewable at MissKatSteel, my YouTube account, and TWiYTube. Here is episode #99 featuring Greyson Chance, San Antonio teen wolves, and a belligerent "Criminal Minds" fan.

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Celebrity Liar

{ Friday, May 14, 2010 }
I recently co-hosted Celebrity Liar with Andrew Hill Newman for The Room Live!

aken from the website: "Celebrity Liar" is a game show where two celebrities tell the same story as if it happened to each of them. In truth, it only happened to one of them, and the chat room decides...who’s the liar?

The celebrities for our episode included Kevin Pollak, Samm Levine, and a special guest appearance by Matthew Perry. It was a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful to The Room Live's Robin Ruzin, Andrew Hill Newman, & Michael Davis for giving me an opportunity to be part of the show!

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