Anime Expo 2010

{ Friday, July 2, 2010 }

What a busy summer so far! I was recently invited to co-host the Anime Expo Masquerade alongside fellow voice actors Kyle Hebert (guest of honor) & Matt Mercer. It was a delight to host the biggest event at AX alongside my There Will Be Brawl buddies! (Also, humor me for a second & check out those fabulous Sailor Neptune inspired heels I insisted on wearing!)

The term masquerade or masq is used to describe costume craftsmanship & performance contests held at conventions for anime, fantasy, and science fiction. As a longtime anime fan & con attendee, it was surreal to experience the AX masquerade from a completely different perspective!

Aside from co-hosting the masquerade, I also had the opportunity to cosplay as Vanessa (human Ursula) from Disney's The Little Mermaid ~ the costume was a gift from my incredibly talented & creative friend Vani and I absolutely adore it! It was such a treat to join Lisa Fabio as Ursula & Traci Hines as Ariel, the fabulous & magical ladies of True Enchantment, for a photoshoot with photographer Andy Lee ~ here's a link to the gallery. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!

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